Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Something I Need to Say....

Okay....after I just posted my last blurb about visiting our family website...I want to post a disclaimer. There are lots of pictures of overweight women. I don't want to offend anyone here!

The pic of us on the website was in our better days....we all can stand to lose a LOT of weight now (not the nieces....but they have our genes and it's scaring the pants of them!)

It's too easy to let a few pounds slip into a 50 or 60 and then some! I know. I've been there. i AM there! The pics - while humorous in their content (trying to zip up the genes...etc.) are also a wake up call to us.

Just wanted to say that. I treasure all of you and would never ever want to make anyone uncomfortable.

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Erin said...

Not at all offended here...maybe some more pictures will end up on my empty fridge as "motivation"

Hey! Thanks for the help on the hyperlink thingy! I GOT IT!

Awesome...totally Awesome