Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Monday I started the couch to 5k with my sister and niece. I surprised myself. it's been a while since I jogged and I didn't get winded! But I did notice that it's a whole lot harder than it used to be with all these extra pounds! I really felt the strain on my feet.

After our 5 mile hike on Sunday my right foot is hurting a lot too. I'm thinking I unconsciously favored my right leg because of my smashed up knee and that did it. Running Monday didn't help. So I took a rest yesterday and will continue with the Cto5k today.

I was such dork on Monday too. So embarrassed at what people might think when they saw me run for 60 seconds then walk for 90.... Like "wow - she must be out of shape if she has to stop jogging after one minute!" Oh course - DUH! Like they couldn't tell I was out of shape by just looking at me! if a car was going past I would keep running even if the time was up. Like the stranger in the car really gave a hoot about the old fat broad running down the street! I'm sure it was on his mind all day!

Which brings me to why I hesitate going to the gym. For fear I'll look like a dork. When I used to go (back in the day) it would tick me off that women actually got dressed up to work out! Make up - the hair - the leg warmers (told you it was back in the day). I'd show up in sweats - hair dirty - why wash it if I was going to have to shower right afterwards? And this was an all-women's gym too! No one to impress but each other! And it was even worse when I went to the gym with guys! (then I did make sure my hair was clean...)

The video above is pretty reminiscent of my gym days!

I guess I just have to bite the bullet and not care what people think as I run my Cto5k. I'm doing this for me!


RunningNan said...

I should take a picture of myself when I come back from running on my lunch break. I walk into a room of 90% all men.. I am so drenched that I can wring out my hair. I'm a pure hot and sweaty mess! I keep going. I look like a mega dork out there when I'm running, and my belly bounces up and down in sync with my boobs... My shorts have a tendency to ride up. BUT... I'm a mega dork with a bouncy belly and riding shorts that is having a great time, running with a smile on her face and doing wonderful things for myself!

I love the c25k program. I think you are going to do wonderful at it. Don't hesitate to repeat a week if you feel you need to. One last thing. If you have a running store near you (google if you have to) go there and ask them to fit you for shoes. A good running shoe never needs to be broken in, and it will prevent injuries. They should also be a half size larger than your normal shoe size. There's also stuff on that you can read about shoe fitting. The right shoe will make you feel like you can run forever!

and CONGRATS for starting the program!

Kathy said...

It's really hard to step away from that notion that everyone is looking at us! But I'll bet they're admiring your pluck and determination...and you'll look back at these early days in a few weeks and be so proud at how far you've come!

Honi said...

we belong to a more family oriented place thats to say you do not have your occassional bimbet walking around in the shortest of shorts and the tighest of tees.. but more often than not its folks of all sizes and shapes doing what you are doing.. just trying to get a little the knee and foot.. if the foot keeps bothering you get it checked. be well and great job on the working out.. and who really cares what anyone thinks about you.. BE SELFISH.. getting healthier is about you.. You are not a Dork by any means..

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Mariko Takahashi's poodle fitness video? I've forgotten how to insert an actual link, so you'll have to copy and paste the address. Believe me, this is worth your time! LOL!!!

Pattie said...

I gotta tell you, girl - that's one of THE best things for me about being the age we are: I no longer give a darn what people think. I believe I've also finally realized that nobody's looking at me anyway!

So get out there and be a dork at the gym or jog for only one minute! If someone does notice, I bet they’re just envious that you’re doing it, and they’re not!

Hanlie said...

I just wipe the sleep from my eyes and brush my teeth before going to gym! I sweat my hair wet anyway, so there's no reason for washing or styling it before the time! I don't really notice other people in the gym, so I don't think they're noticing me!

Well done on starting C25K!

*ccc* said...

Ha, yes, running self-consciousness. I think we have all been there.

But good for you for getting out there and exercising. Just remember to take it easy if you feel that knee start to bother you--you don't want to make it worse :)

The more you exercise, the more you'll start to forget about people watching you (Which they really aren't!) and focus on what you're doing.

Good luck as you continue C25k!