Saturday, January 10, 2009

Staying Warm...Keeping motivated.....

Wow - back to work after a two week hiatus and already I'm feeling behind again. My house was so neat and moved at a somewhat slower pace - except those few days of non-stop Christmas (which I thoroughly enjoyed!) Then I go back to my care taking job which takes me away for 2 nights and bingo! The messy fairy comes back to roost (I think "her" name is hubby) and I'm not feeling so much like June Cleaver anymore.

It's been really cold here! Last night it was 2 degrees when we went to bed. Hubby kept snuggling up to me saying "Come on...have a hot flash!" Where are they when you need them? I'm not going to complain though - I heard that Alaska has had a two week run with minus 60 degrees! Can you imagine???? Sixty degrees below zero??? How do their cars even run when it's that cold? BRRRRRRRRRR!

Anyway - last night we went to my sister's for a going away party for her son-in-law. He leaves today for Officer Training School. He's joining the Navy as a Flight Navigator. His folks are from Nova Scotia and are pacifists. Totally against anything Military. Which has made it hard for him to do this without their blessing. But we gave him lots of hugs and encouragement last night and told him how proud we were. Not that it isn't scary - sending a loved one off to join the Military when we're at war.... But we're proud of him and plan to keep him surrounded with lots of prayers.

On the diet front.....I'm needing fiercely here to take back some control! Last night my sister-in-law commented that I looked like I lost weight. I shared with her the merits of dressing in all black....that actually I'd gained a few pounds over the holidays. Then we both lamented for 45 minutes over the pretzel bowl about how badly we want to make a change this year. As we shoveled pretzels into our mouths of course.

Watching the premier of Biggest Loser last week gave me a little mojo. I'm anxious to see how the people they sent home - do on their own. In last week's the very first weigh in - they sent almost half of the people home with the challenge that if their partners do well - they can return. At first I was ticked. How could they send them home the very first week! But then the rationale set it and it made sense. The producers want to show people that this CAN be done at home - on your own. If course I already know that....reading so many success stories of some of you fellow bloggers. Still - it will be interesting to watch.

One of the little motivators I'm working on right now (that I did many years ago and it help me shed a lot of unwanted pounds) is creating a visual reminder of my goals. (being an art teacher...I work and learn best visually.) So I'm cutting out pictures that inspire me and putting them all together in a collage. Have you ever leafed through a magazine and come across a picture of a model in a really cute outfit and something goes off in your mind that says "I want to wear that! And have it fit me like that!" And then you vow to lose some weight! But then the picture fades from your memory and you soon become complacent and forget all about it. Well - I'm putting together some really motivating pictures (realistic here - no starving waifs) and plan on keeping the collage in prominent place so I can always be reminded of my goals. I'll throw in some healthy food choice pictures and maybe even a few of me that I'd rather burn (just for incentive).

I'll post a pic of it when it's completed. I think having a visual motivator might be what I need to keep me focused.

Stay warm except you Sharron (I know it's already hot in Australia!) You stay cool!



Scale Junkie said...

Its been lovely here, 70's and sunny but we're supposed to get cooler on Monday for a few days, I can't wait for some soup weather!

BL is inspiring but if I were the one having to go home after one week I'd be heartbroken but still it will be nice to see how they do on their own, even NICER would be for them to show us how they do it on their own.

Terra Kent said...

Yes I'm interested to see how the ones returning home did. That's a great idea about the collage.

new*me said...

I think it's good they are doing it with so many bigger men and women.....this is America's reality....heck it was mine! I was 307 when I started and had no clue I had gotten that big. Our country is so in denial! Next time, switch the pretzels with some celery :) and you'll be on your way :)

grammy said...

I thought I already left a comment, but what do I know? I wanted to ask you to pray for youngest son. He is testing for a sheriff job. These are so hard on him mentally. Hope you warm up soon. We have snow and wind today, but I walked anyway. I am so proud of myself. (o:

Honi said...

I love that comment by your husband LOL can relate to that..its freezing here too.. and that started yesterday... I like winter.. I just like winter to stay from dec to Feb and start warming in march.. we have had a warm winter until yesterday... I think the visual idea is great.. much luck too you!

Grumpy Chair said...

Love the collage idea. A couple of years ago, the blog Angry Fat Girlz had a post on Treasure Mapping out your goals with pictures, etc. I made mine that year (Fall 2006 or Spring 2007) and hung it over my treadmill as a reminder.

Stay warm.