Friday, January 2, 2009

A Magical Winter Night....

Last night I had one of those "in the moment" kind of experiences. The kind where all of a sudden you get lost in your surroundings and become an observer of your life and the things around you. Almost as if you're viewing things from someone else's eyes.

It was evening and hubby decided to let our 4 year grandson take a few spins around the back yard on the mini snowmobile we'd purchased for him earlier this summer when the sun was hot and snowmobiles were cheap! After bundling the little guy up so that he'd survive a week in the tundra (instead on just an hour or two outside) I decided on a whim to join them.

Anyone who knows me - knows that I hate the snow and cold. With a passion. But I decided that I just might enjoy watching the delight on his little face more than the warmth of the wood stove inside so I bundled myself up too.

It was magical out there. No breeze, just the stillness of the night air. The moon fell across the mantle of snow in a way that made it look like tiny diamonds had been scattered across the surface. I was mesmerized. I'd seen this before...but not in such a very long time.

I started looking around and that's when it happened. Suddenly the 20 foot arborvitaes that border the side yard became a picture from a Christmas card. The fluffy white snow clung in bunches to the limbs and reminded me of the trees in the little Christmas Village we set up each year.

Looking toward the house I could see the brightly lit kitchen window and the candles flickering within. (I light many candles throughout the Christmas season and well into the new year.) I spied a corner of the fridge with the little construction paper Christmas tree hanging lopsided on it that little grandson made for us and it seemed surreal. I could smell the aroma burnt pine spiraling up from the chimney. Was this my house? My life?

If I was someone else looking in - I think I'd want this life. I think I'd be envious! It was one of those moments where all of a sudden you see what you really have and appreciate it.

I want to have many more of those moments in the year to come! I think I can. All I have to do is focus on what I already grateful...stop taking things for granted. Too often our eyes become blind to the beauty of our own lives. We see the same things day in and day out and then we end up not seeing them at all.

This new year I want to try to pause and see my life. Experience it. Revel in it!

I wish that for all of you too!


JC said...

This is a precious post. I brought tears to my eyes. To be in the moment and be be peaceful and joyful in it, that just can't be beat. I wish you many more of those moments.

grammy said...

Me too! Great words to ponder and I agree. Love what you've got. I like the idea of looking in out house from the outside. Have a good weekend.

MizFit said...


Cammy said...

A magical life, indeed! Thanks for sharing the moment so beautifully.

And Happy New Year!

Scale Junkie said...

beautiful post! I felt as though I could see through your eyes for a moment. I liked what I saw too. I hope to have that for myself someday soon. Thank you!