Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Biggest Loser Made Me Cry!

Did you see The Biggest loser last night? I cried three separate times during the show! Everyone is so concerned for one another in that group. Not like last season when there was so much bitterness and nitpicking. Maybe it's because these people are so severely overweight. They understand one another and feel each other's pain. I hope it lasts through out the season. I still think it stinks (even though I can understand the reasoning somewhat) that nine people were sent home the first week. If I was one of them I'd feel pretty lousy - and cheated. I guess we'll have to see how things pan out and if the producers knew what they were doing.

I'll tell you though - when it came down to Jerry and Daniel at the end I was a mess! Jerry was so noble though....saying he was at peace with the decision. He knew what it would be. Daniel so needs to be there. I'll be rooting for him all season!

On the home front here - it's zero degrees as I type this. Brrr! My youngest daughter is driving in tomorrow alone from Massachusetts and I've warned her to dress warm and stow a blanket in the car. Just in case. Her hubby's team is paying hockey in our town this weekend (he'll be coming here on the team bus) and we'll all be going to the game.

I've been doing good with my eating....staying on track all day. It's in the evenings that my resolve seems to crumble. Exercise isn't happening - and there's no excuse for that. I sure wish I could afford a personal trainer that would kick me in the butt each day and motivate me. It's that old procrastination thing that gets me every time.

Though I have done better with that in some areas. Just not the exercise one.

Well...I'm going to go get a fire going in the old woodstove. It's pretty cold in here right now and the blanket around my legs and coffee cup to warm my hands isn't cutting it anymore.

Happy hump day to all!


grammy said...

Good to hear from you. Sorry it is so cold. I have been hearing about the cold temps all over. Not to bad here. 14 degrees and I am in the house soooo (o: It should warm up soon. I am with you on the no exercise. I did walk on monday and kind of yesterday. Still not enough. Did I tell you that son tested in Kansas this weekend ( sheriff department) I am praying he will get it.

Dutch said...

I also cried during Biggest Loser. I loved how Jerry looks now. I am happy he is losing the weight. I will be cheering for Daniel also. It is very cold here. We got an additional 8 inches of snow this morning and it is still coming down. Tomorrow our high is going to be 0 with wind chills -30 below. I may keep my daughter how from school. I have not started exercising either. I am blaming it on the bad cold I got 5 days ago. lol Have a great Wednesday.

Big Girl said...

Hope your daughters drive goes well, stay warm!

new*me said...

Keep warm ;) ........freezing here too!

Sounds like you need an exercise buddy :).........maybe something to start looking for? Kind of a free trainer ;)

JC said...

Glad I wasn't alone with crying during BL last night. I can't imagine living where it is so cold. It is suppose to be 11 here by Friday morning. Stay warm.

CactusFreek said...

It was the hottest day [as well as yesterday] of the year here today! I'm sitting here in bike pants and a bra. Nice thought there? lol

We aren't getting the US biggest loser anymore and i'm REALLY pissed off about it!

kristi summer said...

I love Biggest Loser too! This season I feel a lot more connected to the contestants, especially Dan and Jerry! Great site! I blogged about Biggest Loser on my site too funny!

Anonymous said...

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