Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Weeks Under....

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle over here (translated S-T-R-E-S-S) I managed to read a book last week! I probably wouldn't have bothered at this busy holiday time (who has time to read a book right before Christmas??) But I was asked to review it and decided why not?

Turns out it was really great book - a mystery which is always right up mY alley - and a great de-stresser to boot! It has been some time since I picked up a real "Page-turner" - you know - a book that you can't just put down in spite of all the other things in life that are vying for you immediate attention.... Not since I read "The Shack" anyway.

The book (you're dying to know, right?) was called Two Weeks Under and was written by Rivka Tadjer. One of the reasons I agreed to do the review (in the midst of all the other millions of things on my plate) was because the storyline caught my eye. Being in the perpetual state of trying to lose weight that I am - the premise of this book - which is about losing weight by undergoing a two week, medically induced coma - was enough to pique my interest. Now doesn't that sound like an easy way to jump start the old diet!

But the story is more than juSt about the weight loss gimmick. Seems that a number of middle aged women that have tried this new "diet" are committing suicide. Hmmmm.... I won't go any further than that lest I spill the beans. Suffice to say the book is great and I couldn't put it down!

If I could say anything negative it might be the sprinkling of foul language. I guess in some circles of women - dropping the F-bomb is normal. Not in mine....so it bothered me a bit. Other than that the book was terrific! It kept my interest (which is hard to do these days) and was not predictable in the sense where you figure it all out way before the characters do.

On an aside - the sub plot of the book - deals with body image - and the main character makes some startling realizations about herself and who she is - weight or no weight. Something we all might need to take to heart.

I recommend this one, guys!


new*me said...

sounds like another good one. I have been curling up in front of the Hallmark channel..........so many good Christmas movies :)

JC said...

I gotta get that book. I've been looking for a book for my sister-in-law. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

grammy said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog. Sounds like a good book. Hope you are not stressing out to much about your house getting finished. How is it? Come over and see some New York pics. It was cold on Long island and in the city...and wet. What's up with four inches of rain in a day. We have that much in a year ((): It is zero here!

CactusFreek said...

Dunno if it's my cup of tea.

The Shack was about a guy who went to a shack to find God, right?

I'm reading an awesome book at the moment called Demon - by Tosca Lee.
All my freinds raved about it but it sounded crap on the cover. I relented and bought it though, and now i'm raving about it too lol
It's about a demon that approaches an editor to document his story. At the moment i've only read about creation from the demon and satans point of view. Sounds dodgy, but it all leads back to God being awesome. It's a real page turner!

JC said...

Well Lora, I changed my mind on the book. I could handle the F word but not the GD word. Glad I could preview a few pages on Amazon before I bought it.