Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Early Morning Rambles...

The festivities went well here. I managed to entertain 18 people in a living room with no furniture. We set up two tables in there for eating (on the new rug!) where we pretty much hung out all evening - talking while the kiddies played in the family room (which does have furniture.)
Thank goodness for that Oxy cleaner stuff because my little niece (bless her heart) left a trail of cranberry sauce on the new (off white ) rug under her seat!
Last night we went to Lowe's and bought all the lighting for the new house. We also picked out the faux stone that will surround the entry way out side. So many decisions. It's fun - and it's not. The spending the money part anyway....

My eating has been horrible with a capital H. My 12 challenges have gone to the wayside and while I have only gained a pound...I know that there will be a delayed reaction coming on. I just have no real schedule these days. We eat at odd hours - often on the run and my desire to snack incessantly has been out of control. Part of me wants to just check it all and start fresh in the new year - but that's what I do every year and frankly - and it never works.

How is everyone else doing at this volatile time of year when food is everywhere and stress is abundant? Any survival tips?

I've got to get in's 6 am and I have to teach today and then be off to my overnight job at 5. This weekend I have three (yes, count 'em....three) plays to see for a graduate course I'm taking that have to be reviewed by next Thursday in the way of 4 page papers. Arghh!


grammy said...

Good to hear from you. Thr plays sound fun...not the paper. I would have been so stressed about the new and cranberry sauce. Hope you figure out the eating is another stress to worry about isn't it? Try air popped popcorn with spray butter. You can have a whole bowl of that and only count it as one point...good snack. Don't give up.

MizFit said...

Im giving you a nagging loving resounding YES on your comment today (good tired vs tired tired).

it is so hard but, as you know, exercise will energize.


(too much? too prodding?? :))

grammy said...

Just wanted to say I thought that was neat that my tree party made you decide to put up a tree. (o:

CactusFreek said...

Good on you for having a successful party regardless on no furniture! Allthough i winced at the thought of that cranberry sauce! lol