Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Usually my Christmas cards are something I begin shopping for early in the year (sometimes even in August!) I always want them to say just the right thing This year, although I looked high and low, nothing seemed to say just exactly what I was looking for.

It probably seems silly, to get so hung up over the message on a card, but Christmas is the one time of year when mentioning the name of Christ is acceptable. Oh, I know there are still those who would say that we should keep all the "Jesus" stuff out of Christmas - that it gets int he way of the holiday spirit (what ever that is.) but I like to take the opportunity at Christmas to dwell on all the "Jesus" stuff, because to me - that's what Christmas is.

Our society has secularized the season to such an extent that the babe in the manger is nothing more that that - a babe in a manger. We forget that He is the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, God himself. We tend to get so wrapped up in the preparations for the holiday (the gifts. the decorations, the baking, the parties...) that the whole awesomeness of Christmas slips right past us. We forget that the story is true, that it all really did happen some 2000 years ago.

It is more than just a magical night with a bright star, a few shepherds and a bunch of angels. God left the splendor of heaven to dwell in the body of a human being, with all of the frailties and imperfections, in order to redeem mankind. Hundreds of Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled through His birth. The long awaited savior, the Messiah had arrived at last! How sad that as many rejected him then, many still do today.

It is my heartfelt prayer for all of my friends and loved ones, that this Christmas, Jesus is your central theme. Christianity is more than the church you go to, or the traditions you've been brought up with. It goes beyond your deeds or actions, because belonging to Christ is something we could never earn. If that were so, He came in vain.

Being a child of the King, is a that was given to us in the form of a babe in a manger, opened up to us in the miracles and teachings of a man in whom all the fullness of Deity dwelled, and culminated in in the opening of Heaven's gates through the death and resurrection of our Lord. But like any gift - it must first be received. I pray this Christmas that you take the gift as your own and that in the busyness of this holiday season, you take some time to reflect with genuine wonder and thanksgiving - the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas ~ Lora


Honi said...

uhmmm excuse.. me. to those folks that would say take Jesus out of the holiday.. HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO Jesus is the Holiday.. and I am jewish, don't really celebrate Christmas.. but I do know what it is about.. and have no qualms with wishing anyone Merry Christmas or someone wishing me Merry Christmas.. its your holiday .. HAVE AT IT!!!! .. MEANWHILE i get to vicariously enjoy the lights, celebration, joy, warmth, friends and oh yeah food that only comes once a year... while respecting that my Christian friends are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I am so much more offended with those folks that would want to wipe out the real reason for this holiday.. and all I can say to you and to my other Christian friends is thanks for sharing with me.. I have learned a lot. I in turn love sharing with you too.. about my faith, and all the celebrating we do.. revel in the reason for this seans my friend!!!

grammy said...

Lora, well said. thanks! Honi, I enjoyed your comment. Lora, were you in the new house for Christmas? Sounds like you had a good day. Now we are on to New or no party...stay home or invite people over...hmmmm???? Have a good week!

Scale Junkie said...

Merry Christmas Lora!

Manuela said...

Really, Honi said it so well.

If people want to take Jesus out of CHRISTmas then they may as well call it something else. Let's respect all religions and not get hung up on all the PC aspects that secular society want to keep throwing at us.

And, blessings for a happy new year to you Lora :)

JC said...

Great post. Way to go Honi. Thanks. Jesus is the Spirit of Christmas. Awesome.

Linda said...

WELL SAID! Lovely post!!

My husband and myself sat gobsmacked a few days whilst watching our news on TV, someone is actually trying to change some of the words in some of our gorgeous carols.


We love the traditional Christmas and Baby Jesus Christmas carols and for us they will never change.


Hugs to you xx

Mama Bear June said...

It's always a precious time for us, focusing on Jesus. The greatest gift of all! Hoping your Christmas was blessed with joy and peace. Happy New Year!
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