Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Musings.....

I feel so out of the loop these days. So much to do to get the new house ready for the holidays! I seriously think we may not make it. Which will be okay....as youngest daughter reminded me "Mom, Christmas is wherever the family is - even if it's in a house that's half empty." You see, because we're anticipating this move to transition sometime in December, things are slowly getting packed up and stored away, given away or thrown away. And my house is a tad empty.

My goal is to move into the new place with as little clutter as possible. Living these past few months with much of my stuff already in boxes, I've learned to enjoy the simplicity. For so long I held onto items that had sentimental value to me...things that belonged to my mom, or that the kids made when little...or sometimes just ugly junk that I couldn't even remember its source - but I hung onto because it had been around so long I figured it would just be wrong to get rid of. How lame is that?

So slowly I'm parting with things and realizing that they are just that - things. That old chipped and cracked ceramic cherub that used to grace mom's bookshelf looks out of place at my house. It always has. No matter where I put it. But I always sigh as I dust around it and tell myself..."but it was mom's....I've got to keep it." But (again as one of my wise daughter's reminded me) it's not my mom. And to toss it isn't tossing away mom. So it's leaving.
There are a few wonderful things I'll never part with. But for the most part I'm doing a pretty good purge over here. Craig's list has been great for selling things that might still be useful or wanted by someone else. And I've found that if I set things nicely out by the curb, they usually disappear within a short time. And if not - then the trash man takes them away and soon.

Anyway - that's been my life thus far. Working odd hours - long hours - de-cluttering this place and trying to make the new place habitable.

On an aside - if you live in the U.S. I hope you got out and exercised your right to vote today. A lot is riding on this election. I voted with my conscience. Weighed the moral issues at stake and pulled the lever. I hope you all do the same!


MizFit said...

SOOOO CATHARTIC for me when I give away what i dont use or need.

especially when I can find it a home where it will be both used and needed.
that said the cleaning and organizing is EXHAUSTING huh?

Miz, who did indeed VOTE!

Cammy said...

I love doing the 'free to good home' thing! And as hard as it was to give away my entire wardrobe (twice), it felt twice as good to know chubby girls without a lot of money were getting some cute clothes! :)

You're so smart to declutter before you move. (I learned that lesson the hard way on my last move.) You and your family will enjoy the new, simple home so much more!

JC said...

My goodnes girl you are busy. Sometimes it is good to just let some things go. I've got a couple of pieces of furniture that were my grandmother's that never fit in my house anywhere I've lived but I just can't let go of them. I'm having my siblings over for Christmas after Christmas without their kids this year and I think I'm going to offer them to whoever is willing to take them home with them.

Don't fret over Christmas, take your daughter's advise. Better still go to her house.

RunningNan said...

My dad was a huge pack rat. It was more of a disease. I have no problems parting with things that I no longer need or even like. I'm glad to hear you are doing the same!

Betty said...

Good luck on your upcoming move!

new*me said...

to me, Christmas is a feeling! We are thinking of only putting up a small tree on top of our tv center.....away from twin tornados. I LOVE my big tree and all the decorations, but if I have to spend the whole season stressing about it, what fun is that? I want the holidays to be full of family, love and memories :) Next year, the tree can come out

grammy said...

Nice to hear from you. My post yesterday mentioned my back hurting from all the projects I have been doing. Basically the same thing. Getting rid of some things. It is not a help to have five bedrooms and lots of storage...because I fill them up and become overwhelmed. My son got turned down for the third time. He is working for his brother and really likes that (compared to being a security gaurd on night shift). So I don't know if he will try more places(police departments) or just work for big brother. At least he wasn't broken hearted so I can cope with it. (o:

CactusFreek said...

The cherub could have gone in the garden :o)
Good on you for cleaning out stuff. I really struggle with that at the best of times!

Your daughter is right, Christmas isn't a place. We'll be on our own this year and having a BBQ lol