Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Animal Are You?

The M&Ms are gone. I'm wearing them on my hips. This was one big bag, people!

So I decided that I definitely needed to do some de-stressing. The new job was killing me. And I wasn't feeling all that happy about the direction it was taking. I was hired as an Executive Assistant. Part time - stuff I could do at home. Then somehow my title changed to District Sales Manager and I was expected to cold call colleges and see if I might help them in the area of international recruitment. Before the end of the second week my title was changed yet again to Marketing Director of something or other. And we all know with each new title comes new work. So I made a clean break and I feel like a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm not ready for the corporate world. Just let me be an art teacher.....

The only real stress now is the thesis. And that's not M&M worthy. Unless someone brings a big bag into my house again. That would be a bad idea....for both of us.
So I went for my first walk of the season the other day. It was wonderful! The air was warm...the birds were singing and I swear I even spotted a few buds on some trees. My daffodils have poked their little heads up out of the earth and spring is officially here in Upstate New York! And aren't I aching everywhere! Wasn't it just 7 months ago that I was actually running?? And now I've gotten so out of shape over the winter that a measly 2 mile walk has left me sore all over!

It seems lately that everything hurts! Am I that out of shape? Or am I that old? Truthfully, when I bend down to get something up off the floor these days I check around to make sure there isn't something else I can do while I'm down there. Getting back up (or out of bed for that matter) has become quite the chore.

I remember several years ago I was taking a dance class... (don't laugh! It wasn't my choice - it was a required class for my graduate studies - Interdisciplinary Arts for Children). Anyway - the instructor assigns each of us an animal and we had to do an interpretive dance (in front of the whole class) that was inspired by our animal. Okay now picture this. At the time I am about 48 years old. I have this cast on my arm because I fell on the first day of school where I was teaching that year. (I me Grace) All the rest of the class is in their early twenties. They are assigned butterflies and bees and swans and eagles.... I am assigned my animal and it is - a manatee. A MANATEE! All I kept repeating to myself as I danced my 'manatee dance' was "and I'm paying HOW MUCH for this class???"

Okay. There is a point here, really. Fact is - lately I feel like I AM a manatee! Big. Fat. Lolling around with my rolls hanging out for all the world to see. Except that as I recall when I visited Sea World last - they feed them lettuce. Not Peanut M&Ms. *sigh* And as mortified as I was back in that graduate class - I'm feeling just as awful right now. Because summer is just around the corner and swimsuit season is about ready to rear its ugly head and I swear that I am not going to spend the whole season doing a re-enactment of my manatee interpretation!!!

(It was bad enough the first time.)

SO I guess that means I suck it up and get out here and walk through the pain. And pass on the M&Ms. And make really wise food choices.
This summer....I want to be a dolphin.


skywind said...

This is the walrus? A big fat. LOL
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Cammy said...

I know that 'manatee feeling'! But you CAN be a dolphin. You're probably a lot closer than you give yourself credit for. Just maintain this focus and you'll start to see it for yourself!

(Oh, and two miles isn't measly, especially if you haven't been exercising. Give yourself a pat on the back!)

Manuela said...

Oh, you poor manatee! I know I've been feeling like that lately.

Can't wait for a string of nice weather. I too have lots of nice things popping out of the ground.

Take it easy and don't be too hard on yourself--maybe we'll all be dolphins this summer! (I've already been invited to my first pool party :)!!!!!

The Better Idiot said...

They made you interpretative dance a manatee? How on earth do you even start that?

Lora said...

I can't remmeber what I actually did for the dance...I've tried to block it out of my mind! I think I hunched my shoulders up and just moved around really slow. It was pathetic.

grammy said...

I want to be a dolphin too!! I need to walk more...I know that...and I will. Why oh why did I make the guys waffles tonight and eat way to much. It was not in the plan. I was only going to have a small sample. I think that was so not fair that you had to dance to that... unless everyone picked out of a hat. you can do this can I.

MizFit said...

you will be a dolphin. and Im with cammy as well in that youre closer than you realize but the mind thing (which we all get about 'feeling fat') is a tripper upper. two miles? definitely no small feat, Woman.
you can aspire to more---sure but stop for a moment and pat yourself on the back for being on the way to dolphinhood.

kristisummer said...

Don't get down on yourself. Sometimes life takes over and we have little time for ourselves. Doesn't make you a manatee. It makes you human. Stay Strong.

Big Girl said...

wow! that's a lot of change at that job. It sounded like way too much and I'm so glad you made what sounded like a good choice.

Dolphin you come!

Doc Manette said...

Well, you must have been a great Ex. Assist because you got two title promotions in a couple of weeks! Whew!

Conan O'Brian had a skit where the manatee came out dancing - I bet you could find it on youtube.

My son a long time ago, said I would be a sloth!

carla said...

how are you feeling now?

plans for the weekend? time for YOU?

Mama Bear June said...

Yes, you can be a dolphin. Congrats on the two miles. I walk a lot, but usually only do a mile and a half.
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JC said...

I love the line "not M&M worthy" I must remember that one. LOL
You probably are a dolphin and just don't realize it. Have a great weekend.