Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lora who?

To say I've been busy lately is an understatement. Life has been moving along at break neck speed and I'm tyring to keep up withall the changes!

We are (I repeat ARE) finally in the new house! Moved in December 17th. Just in time for Christmas. At 4 am December 23rd, hubby was still installing the molding in the dining room. 10 minutes before the family arrived on Christmas Eve we were hanging the kitchen curtains. I felt like I was the star in an HGTV show - pounding to meet the deadline before the big reveal. But we did it! We were tired (read: exhausted) but happy and proud and relieved all at the same time. Everyone loved the house....the tree looked phenomenal (bigger than it did when it was growing out back in the yard...) Hubby had to chop the top off and then run out and buy an over-sized gold start to make it look even. The house was full of people and good food and laughter and love. As a house should be.

The next morning all the kids came back over for breakfast and I got to use my first ever dining room! The woodstove was bathing us in the kind of heat only a wood stove can give, cinnamon rolls were baking in my new stainless steel oven, and the boom box (okay - the stero didn't get hooked up in time) was supplying Christmas melodies. It was Norman Rockwell morning!

Two weeks later my youngest daughter and her hubby produced a beautiful 7lb 6 oz princess they named Shea. My first grandaughter and I am totally and indescribably in love with her! And come next June, middle daughter and her hubby will give us a grandson! Patrick (after my late husband). Can life get any better?

And to top all of that off - I have managed to shed 30 pounds! I said I would do it before I moved into the new house! And I did it! Still want to lose another 20...but in time. Right now I am reveling in all the newness of everything here. I wake up each morning and marvel at all I have been blessed with.

I will post pics of the house...and the baby....very soon. And I will try to post more regularly. if anyone is even still checking in here.

Happy 2012 to all my blogger friends! It's good to be back!

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