Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Holiday Season is About to Begin!

Tomorrow we trek out to late hubby's (late brother's) farm for Thanksgiving. Does that make sense? There is nothing like Thanksgiving on the farm...I swear I feel like I've stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting when I walk through the door. A big old fashioned cooking stove sits proudly in the kitchen (there was a time that hot cider would be warming over the coals but now it just serves as a shelf for our beverages.) The dining room boasts a big old cello in the corner and an upright piano along the west wall. Being a musical family, both get played spontaneously and folks will gather round whoever happens to be making the music and then the singing starts.

Even though this isn't the family I grew up with (I get to have Thanksgiving with them next year) and even though hubby is no longer with us - I still feel at home there. It's warm and cozy and full of love. Family from several states gather to share a meal on this special day and I am thankful to be a part of this family. The neat part is - even present hubby likes it there! Our very first Thanksgiving as husband and wife - was spent at the farm! Not with his family..not with mine....but at the farm!

In the meantime we are cranking down hard trying to get the house finished! I've resigned myself tot he fact it won't be perfect. There's a section we will close off because it will still be "under construction" and full of junk! But as long as I have a working kitchen, a carpet in the living room and my family with me - it will be home! Christmas shopping is almost done. At least 3/4 done anyway. And it's all wrapped! That last week before Christmas will be spent moving furniture, stocking cupboards and decorating. No time to be running to the mall.

I'm also going to attempt my first "black friday" expedition. Middle daughter raved last year about all the deals. I'm not camping out a 5 am....there's nothing in particular I'm after. Just want to see what the deals are and maybe finish up the last of the shopping.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you eat too much - just hop back on the wagon Friday!



grammy said...

Sounds wonderful to go to the 'farm' for Thanksgiving.
We will be here at my house. We don't play instruments(0:
Can't stand the thought of black Friday. Have fun though.

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JC said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Hope that house gets done soon. You have been working on it for at least two years now. Well, that is how long I think I've been following you blog. I enjoy hearing about it.