Saturday, April 11, 2009


The rough draft of the thesis has been submitted. I'll find it in a few days how much I have to revise. I'm praying not much - but having never been through this before I haven't a clue what to expect. I definitely feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. At least for now.

Youngest daughter arrived in town from Massachusetts with her hubby last night and we all got together here and colored eggs. Then we sat around the table and ate Easter cookies as we sipped coffee and enjoyed the impromptu prelude to tomorrow's festivities.

The in-laws are coming over after church for brunch and hubby's mom will be armed with her traditional 1,000 pounds of cream puffs. Okay - maybe not 1,000 pounds - but it sure seems like it when I'm looking at them the whole next week and fighting the urge to devour them all in one sitting.

After that we'll head over to my cousin's and visit with family that we don't get to see as often as we should. These same cousins that I've shared every holiday with since - well - ever! And even though we're all older now....with laughlines etched on our faces and silver peppering our temples....when we're together on holidays such as this - we're all kids again! Reliving the memories of chocolate bunnies and rainbow eggs....jellybeans and fancy clothes that we're warned to keep clean -at least until we get to Grandma's house! I can't wait!

Bridgette (my cousin's little girl that so many of you have been praying for) will be there and we have much to celebrate! The chemo is doing it's job and in spite of the fact that she was diagnosed stage 4 - the Doctors are very optimistic for a recovery!!

Right now I'm in the throes of heavy duty house cleaning and just took a break while the kitchen floor dries. During the thesis "event" the poor house was sorely neglected. Hubby and I have only been married 5 years. The in-laws still think I'm a neat freak. Can't tarnish the image. Ha!

Right now my heart is a tad heavy as today is the anniversary of my mom's death. But tomorrow I shall rejoice because I know that Christ's resurrection assures me that I will see her (and my dad - and my first hubby) again someday on the other side of eternity!!!

Happy Easter to you all! May the Lord shine His countenance upon you tomorrow and always!

(and Honi - may your Passover celebration be blessed as well!)


grammy said...

Good to hear from you. Glad you are almost done with the hard work of writing that paper. Have a great celebration with the family and fun. Are you still subbing and staying with that older woman on weekends?

JC said...

Glad you can celebrate Resurrection Day without a thought to your thesis. I understand still missing you Mama, I still miss mine. I go into somewhat of a funk in February then I realize she passed over in February. I still see her in my mine when the family gathers. God bless you this Easter and the days ahead.

Cammy said...

Cream puffs notwithstanding, it sounds like a wonderful holiday gathering! Wishing you all the best...and keeping my fingers crossed on that thesis!

Mama Bear June said...

How wonderful to be around so much family! And wonderful to have the hope we have because of the Resurrection. Blessings to you.
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Big Girl said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family. I am so glad to hear the good news about Bridgette. Thanks for that update.

Doc Manette said...

Great news about Bridgette and also finishing your rough draft thesis.

I think it is wonderful that you and your cousins are so close. I seem to only see mine at funerals . . . I miss those days of playing Lost in Space on my nannie's porch.

SpinDiva said...

I sure hope your Easter celebrations were a hit. I love your blog!!